Note To Readers

Please, do not get me wrong. This article is not exclusive to musicians alone, but also to everyone – especially those who have the busiest schedules.

Bodies And Cars

The path of fame, success and more money take a lot of effort and dedication. It’s hard work, no matter how much we make it seem fun and enjoyable. It requires efforts in hundred folds, which at a certain point may take its toll on our overall health, in our body, mind, and soul.

True enough, working hard is like a journey, where you are the driver and your body is the vehicle that keeps you going. You may start healthy, with a full tank of energy, and travel all your way to your destination – thousand miles away.

You will be facing different factors as you go on, see other cars take on the same road you’re taking, would have to slow down, stop for a while, step on the gas, and race subtly with others. You may need to check on your tires once in a while, rest and eat, and as you ride your vehicle again for a few more miles, acknowledge the fact that you’re running out of gas. Of course, you will have to get a refill, or your car won’t run further.

Same thing goes for our bodies. While our dreams may seem achievable, we would have to travel a long way. We would have to keep up and make sure we’re full of energy, the healthy way. We can’t just disregard our physical needs; else we may be unable to continue. And if our bodies were cars, we don’t want to pay extra for a towed vehicle.

Musicians, Celebrities, And You!

No matter how we put it, there are just some crafts that require any dreamer to lose some sleep, like in the case of musicians on tour and actors on taping. Because their jobs require much from their bodies, a healthy diet is not enough. Exercise is needed, too, for a few minutes a day if possible. And for everything else we lack, we have supplements.

Here are three reasons why you should begin taking them, for better music!

1. Poor Digestion


As we grow old, our body’s capability to absorb vital nutrients from our diet drops. While we can get theoretically get bigger servings of our meals, the problem of maintaining the ideal number of calories may be an issue. Recent studies also show that inadequate chewing when eating on the go and stress also often leads to either indigestion or malabsorption. Hence, we need supplements to give us what we no longer get from food.

2. Pollution and Free Radicals


All sorts of environmental pollutants harm people in more ways than we can ever imagine. Stress and other factors can also increase the presence of free radicals in our bodies that take us down from the very core – our cells. Though our immune system has its defense against these risks, it would need vitamins and minerals to back us up. And when exposed to these elements, our bodies work double to fight back, which implies the usage of additional nutrients such the famous trio, vitamins A, C, and E.

We cannot just rely on food sources to get mega doses of these vitamins naturally. After all, agriculture no longer produces the same quality of crops as it used to. After being exposed to pollution and commercial fertilizers and pesticides, the soil where our fruits and vegetable grows also proves to be somehow deficient in minerals and nutrients.

If you’re a musician or a celebrity, or even if you’re not, you won’t want to see pollution taking its toll on your health and skin. You wouldn’t want to look older than your real age, as your fans wouldn’t appreciate a haggard-looking idol.

3. DNA


Let’s face the fact that we are not created equal, like how musicians would be more inclined to their craft than those who cannot sing or play an instrument. Same goes with our ‘nutritional contents’. Some people are more gifted with their hormones, while some needs catching up. Supplements play a significant role in creating equity on these matters. It helps us get the dose we need to make us function properly.

Better start taking supplements as soon as possible. To be safe, talk to your doctor for recommendations on dietary supplements and ingredients impurity. Take some now before it’s too late.