Music cannot stand without a good musical instrument. Throughout generations, many musical instruments have been used. Here are the most common ones.



Piano gives you a sense of classiness. Even if you don’t know how to play it; just standing by it makes you look special. The piano can be used to play the music of any genre, from classical and jazz to rock and roll.  This instrument was invented in 1698 by Bartolomeo Cristofori.



There is something about the guitar that makes people crazy. It is a very popular musical instrument today. It is used to play any genre of music, and you cannot think of a concert without a guitar.



This instrument has a beautiful sound. However, if it’s played badly, it will sound as if a blackboard is being scratched by a nail. It is a difficult instrument to play compared to the other instruments. It is mainly used for western classical music but can be played with other genres as well.



Drummers are essential for a band to perform. They are often used by the armies so that the soldiers can march in beats. Drums help to keep the beat.

Bass Guitar


Bass Guitar is essential in rock music. People don’t talk about this band much, but they are very commonly used by bands in concerts.

People have been using these instruments for many years, and they are important parts of our music. Some instruments are easy to play, whereas others take years of practice to master. These instruments will remain a part of the music industry forever.